Marble Falls TX and LBJ one of the most attractive and popular tourist and retirement destinations in all of Texas. Renowned for its scenic beauty, visitors come to this area to experience our beautiful waterways and lush, rolling hills. Indigenous species include everything from American Bald Eagles during winter months to great old live oaks that shade the landscape throughout the seasons. Spring brings a burst of color with a multitude of wildflowers including our state flower, the bluebonnet. Fields and back roads are covered with blossoms as far as the eye can see. Many amateur and professional photographers and artists come to capture the natural beauty of the Highland Lakes area.

Founded in 1887 by General Adam R. Johnson, Marble Falls is located in the heart of the Texas Hill Country on the Colorado River. Before the dam was built to form Lake Marble Falls, water cascaded over 20-foot ledges which resembled marble, providing a name for the new city. The falls are now under water and only visible on those rare occasions when the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) lowers the lake for repairs to the dam and boat docks.

The first city officials were elected in 1907 when a mayor/alderman form of government was instituted. In 1917, the all- male voting population of Marble Falls (women hadn’t yet won the right to vote) elected Ophelia “Birdie” Crosby Harwood one of the first female mayors in the United States. However,it was the 866-foot stone monolith called Granite Mountain looming on the town’s western edge that secured Marble Falls’ place in Texas history. It was here that the famed “Texas Pink” granite was quarried to construct the Texas State Capitol Building in Austin. The stone was a donation from progressive area citizens in exchange for a rail connection with Austin. The Austin and Northwestern Railroad built an extension to Marble Falls from Granite Mountain in 1889, and a post office was also established that year. Granite Mountain is still actively quarried, and a variety of granite products are shipped all over the world.

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